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Jin is a content coordinator and SEO strategist for the Hubworks marketing team. When she's not busy writing and conducting research, she enjoys reading, binging Netflix, and exploring the outdoors with her rescue dog.

Is Cloud Storage Safe & How Does It Work?

Cloud storage is a flexible, affordable, and accessible form of virtual data storage where users can access their information while connected to the internet.
is cloud storage safe how does it work

Data Consolidation- Definition, Techniques & More

Data consolidation refers to a company's ability to store, manage, and analyze large volumes of data in one location, leading to greater insight for effective decision-making.
data consolidation definition techniques more

Common Causes of Data Loss and How to Prevent Them

Data loss is a common problem for businesses. However, many of the reasons and causes behind it are preventable. Here are the most common sources of data loss and the appropriate ways to prevent them.
common causes of data loss and how to prevent them

Everything to Know About Data Migration

Data migration is an essential process in data management that involves moving quantitative business information from one source location to another target location.
everything to know about data migration

Sales Analytics- Techniques and Benefits for Small Businesses

Integrating sales analytics into business operations is highly effective for organizations seeking strategic ways to forecast future demand, enhance profits, and improve customer success.
sales analytics techniques and benefits for small businesses

Predictive Sales Analytics- What Is It & What Are the Benefits?

Prescriptive and predictive sales analytics provide actionable insights necessary to optimize operations and enhance forecasting. Discover the 4 main benefits and purposes for predictive analyses.
predictive sales analytics what is it what are the benefits

Guide to Data-Driven Decision Making- Process, Tips & Benefits

Data-driven decision-making, or the practice of making decisions based on analytics rather than intuition, is revolutionizing how businesses think of and utilize data to expand.
guide to data driven decision making process tips benefits

Business Data Analysis- Different Types and Processes to Know

Business data analysis manipulates quantitative information using reporting techniques to produce actionable insights. Organizations can utilize this information to create data-driven strategies.
business data analysis different types and processes to know

7 Steps of the Business Decision Making Process

Discover the 7 general steps of the business decision-making process to ensure each choice made by an organization has been carefully assessed and is fully supported by accurate data.
7 steps of the business decision making process

7 Steps for Developing Profit Enhancing Business KPIs

A well-crafted and relevant business KPI is an invaluable tool to measure the financial health of an organization. Monitoring these metrics can help companies to identify opportunities for growth.
7 steps for developing profit enhancing business kpis