Chloe Henderson

Chloe received a bachelor's degree in journalism and mass communication from Ashford University and is currently a digital content creator for Hubworks. In her free time, she enjoys acting, writing, and spending time with family.

Enterprise Data Integration- What Is It & Why Is It Important?

With enterprise data integration, companies can gain better control over the exchange and consolidation of information to improve analytics and internal processes.
enterprise data integration what is it why is it important

Ecommerce Integration- 3 Techniques for Businesses

Ecommerce integration connects back-end retail processes, such as inventory and payment systems, across all sales channels to ensure product information is up to date and accurate.
ecommerce integration 3 techniques for businesses

Digital Business Transformation- Definition, Examples, and More

Undergoing a digital business transformation enables organizations to enhance their processes, operational efficiency, and productivity using the latest technologies.
digital business transformation definition examples and more

5 Components of Successful Franchise Management

With proper franchise management, companies can sustain long-term symbiotic partnerships to sustain brand growth and profitability.
5 components of successful franchise management

How to Streamline Processes- Ultimate Guide for Businesses

By streamlining repetitive processes, businesses can eliminate unnecessary work and inefficiencies to promote productivity, execution time, and consistent yields.
how to streamline processes ultimate guide for businesses

Small Business Technology- 10 Tools to Utilize Today

Small business technology enhances a company's business intelligence with modern functions that streamline internal operations while improving customer experience.
small business technology 10 tools to utilize today

Proactive and Reactive Business Strategies- Which is Better?

The proactive and reactive strategies take different approaches on how a business should address and react to an incident in order to avoid repercussions and resolve the issue.
proactive and reactive business strategies which is better

Key Performance Indicators Definition & 18 Examples

By monitoring key performance indicators, businesses can discover their strengths and weakness to improve operational efficiency and productivity.
key performance indicators definition 18 examples

7 Profitable Competitive Advantage Strategies to Know

Establishing competitive advantage strategies enables businesses to stand apart from surrounding companies by offering particular benefits that consumers can't get elsewhere.
7 profitable competitive advantage strategies to know

What is Business Intelligence? Complete Guide for Business Owners

Business intelligence involves several data management procedures to prepare and analyze information into comprehensive reports. This promotes responsiveness and strategy development in companies.
what is business intelligence complete guide for business owners