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What Is Data Backup and Recovery? Everything to Know For Businesses

Data backup and recovery is the process of making and storing additional copies of data to protect against data loss and theft.
what is data backup and recovery everything to know for businesses

What Is Cloud Cyber Security and Why Is It Better?

Cloud cyber security, also known as cloud computing security, refers to policies and controls that protect cloud-based systems. These technologies protect privacy and ensure regulatory compliance.
what is cloud cyber security and why is it better

What Is An Enterprise Data Strategy? - 7 Essential Principles

A well-developed enterprise data strategy will ensure that a business effectively leverages its information to make better decisions.
what is an enterprise data strategy 7 essential principles

Legacy System Definition & Concerns For Business Owners

The legacy system definition refers to outdated computer systems, software, and programs. These systems are usually no longer applicable for modern use and can cause businesses to slow down.
legacy system definition concerns for business owners

Cloud Integration - 5 Options For Businesses

Cloud integration is the process of consolidating data from disjointed cloud systems. Businesses integrate their clouds so they can have a unified storage system and improved data accessibility.
cloud integration 5 options for businesses

Cloud Data Management - 5 Pillars To Know

Cloud data management is the practice of overseeing data across different cloud applications. Some methods include data backups, access control, and security.
cloud data management 5 pillars to know

What is Data Profiling? Definition, Techniques, and Benefits

With data profiling, businesses can uncover actionable insights to boost the brand's competitive edge. So, what is data profiling? This is the process of reviewing and analyzing datasets.
what is data profiling definition techniques and benefits

What Is Cloud Based Technology and Computing?

Cloud based technology and computing is the use of services and software via the Internet. This allows users to access platforms from a remote location and reduces the need for specialized hardware.
what is cloud based technology and computing

Small Business Data Analytics - Why It Matters and 3 Trends

Small business data analytics enables organizations of all industries to leverage their big data sources. This helps ensure smarter business decisions and increased operational efficiency.
small business data analytics why it matters and 3 trends

What is Trend Analysis in Business?

Performing trend analyses can improve the accuracy of business intelligence and sales projections. So, what is trend analysis? This is the process of finding patterns in historical data.
what is trend analysis in business