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What AnyConnector Can Do For You

Manage Integrations from a Single Application

AnyConnector allows you to manage complex data flows across the tools your organization uses. The easy to understand UI makes it simple for anyone to set up an integration that would otherwise require strong technical background. Regardless of your technical expertise, setting up the data flow for your organization can be accomplished in minutes. AnyConnector makes implementing new solutions at your organization easier than ever before by eliminating the time it takes to integrate, test, and deploy new technologies.

Prevent Internal Development and Maintenance Costs

The technology vendors in the restaurant and retail industries are innovating faster than ever before and it has led to fragmented ecosystems. This has made integrating your solutions more complicated and more expensive to develop. AnyConnector has standardized these data formats and developed the integrations, so you get all the data you need without having to develop custom integrations. With technology vendors constantly innovating, APIs are frequently being updated and enhanced. AnyConnector utilizes the latest and greatest APIs from the technology providers you use so you don’t have to spend money maintaining the integrations you rely on for your business.

Gain Valuable Insights

AnyConnector allows you to get data you want where and when you want it, so you have the meaningful reports your business relies on. AnyConnector eliminates any technology silos at your organization to help you understand the intricacies of your business. With complimentary apps like Zip Reporting, Zip POS Dashboard, and Zip Timekeeping you get actionable reporting that is made possible by the power of AnyConnector.

Everything Works Better Together

You pay a lot for the different tools and technology you use at your organization and AnyConnector helps you get the most value out of them. Your labor scheduling tool is more effective when you are able to accurately forecast based on past sales. Understanding your food costs and variance isn’t possible without accurate product mix reports. When your payroll period is finalized by a manager, your payroll software should be updated immediately. All in all, AnyConnector is the tool that makes your solutions work better by making them work together.

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